Sac State - Room to read - share screen shots and feedback!

Drop your screenshots and feedback here!

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I did it! Only took ~15 min!


Vendia was very simple to use. I personally would find it helpful to see who changed a book in the “History” tab of a book instead of having to go all the way back home and then go to the “Transactions” tab. Other than that it is very user friendly and like the tools available.


I could honestly see schools using this so people have a list ready and available of books they should read. I did this with dark reader and it worked perfectly.


The instructions were pretty straightforward, I did run into a couple issues that were probably user error.

The first thing I did was mess up the json that copied over from the instructions. I missed a curly brace and didn’t notice the little red squigglies that indicated that there was a syntax error in the json. The node was in the ‘spinning up’ state for a couple minutes before it switched to an ‘error’ state. I didn’t see a way to edit the json for the existing node, so I just deleted it and tried to create a new one, but I was unable to immediately do so. My incorrectly configured node was in the process of being deleted, and it wouldn’t let me create a “second” node. Is it possible to allow a second node to be created as soon as the delete process starts for the first node? Having to wait a few minutes is a friction point. Also, a pop-up or other notification that there appears to be syntax errors in the json when the user submits would have saved me a little bit of trouble.

Also, on my system, I wasn’t able to view the “version history” that’s in the guide document. I’m on firefox 96.0.3 for Arch Linux. Probably not a common enough configuration for y’all to worry about directly supporting, but I wanted to notify you all the same.

Overall, very interesting technology that I’m looking forward to digging into a little deeper.


Hi Juan,

Thanks so much for running through the exercise!

Thanks for also sharing your feedback on viewing a book’s history. I’ll take that back to our product team. Don’t be shy - if you have any other thoughts please let us know.

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That’s a great idea @aalestra . We’ve had conversations with publishing companies around the same idea. What if all the databases Sac State students have access to were accessible from a single interface? And with the ability to link content/sources/etc. dynamically across those databases.

Maybe some day soon!

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Hi @jemorgan - Thanks for running through the exercise and offering feedback of your experience.

I’ll work with our dev team to make sure folks can’t create a Uni from invalid JSON. I get the frustration of not being able to create a new Uni while one is being deleted. It’s a limitation of Vendia Share’s free tier - we cap the number of Unis at 1 and nodes at 2[1]. Also, keep in mind that you can’t reuse the same Uni name for a period of time depending on the name you use. If it starts with the string test- that time is 15min. If it’s anything else it’s 90 days[2].

I’ll also check with the team to find out if there’s anything that would’ve prevented your ability to view version history given your OS and browser.

[1] Vendia - Limits and Quotas
[2] Vendia - Limits and Quotas

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Very easy to use!


Vendia was super easy to navigate and use. The user interface design seemed super well thought out because I did not feel lost at all when using it. Overall, I had no problems and everything seemed to flow well!


Followed the instructions, and I thought the process was super straightforward. I didn’t have any questions or troubles getting my application running since the instructions we delivered very well. Super simple and easy!

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  • Have you built anything else with Vendia?
  • Yes!
  • No, but I would if I needed to share data
  • No, not very helpful for what I do

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