Having trouble with uni registration

Hello, I have been stuck on this page for about 30 minutes and can’t seem to find a way to resolve this issue. I was creating a schema and received an error, so I navigated back to the home page and saw a message (screenshot below). I would appreciate any assistance.

Hello MoChoudhary5, I am Vikrant. I will assist you with your problem. You should have received an email with a link to “Verify Your Account”. Can you confirm whether you have completed the step. It is simply a check to ensure that you have used a valid email to signup.

Hi Vikrant, I verified my email a few weeks ago and have been playing around with the uni’s since then. But, now I am running in the error shown above.

Thanks MoChoudhary5, for confirmation. I see the errors in your Uni App. Vendia Engineer is looking into the issue. You will have a response from us in next 24 hours. Thank you for your patience. Thanks, Vikrant

Hi MoChoudhary5, I think the errors you are observing are because either your schema is incorrect or your initial state json file is incorrect. The current Uni is in the erroneous state. You will have to delete the current Uni and create a new one. So, Step 1: please go to the ‘Uni Settings’ and hit ‘Delete Uni’. Step 2: Please fix your schema or initial state json and create a new Uni. If you can share your schema and initial state json, I can review both for correctness so you don’t run into the same issue again. Thanks, Vikrant

From the screenshot above, you can see that I do not have an option for Uni settings. Is there any other way to delete the Uni?

Hi MoChoudhry5, my apologies, I missed it in the screenshot. Let me ask my team to Delete the Uni in the erroneous state.

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Hi MoChoudhry5, Thank you for your patience. The Uni in the error state is terminated. You can create a new one now. Please let us know if you run into issues again. Happy to help. My team is also investigating ways to make this experience better for users in the future. Thanks, Vikrant.

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