Error fetching Uni


About two week ago, I created my own custom schema. Since then, I have been able to query and mutate data from my application to Vendia and vice versa. All of a sudden today, I keep getting the following error in Vendia: Error fetching Uni. So, I decided to create another uni and used the shopping list example for the schema and it gave me the exact same error. Below, I shared two screenshot of the errors I get for the shopping list example. Thank you so much!

(Error on Safari)

(Error on Google Chrome)


Seems like the issue went away by itself. Everything is working now

Hi @mochoudhry5 - Sorry you saw this error message. Can you tell me whether you logged out and back in again to resolve the issue, or did it begin working without the logout/login?

Hi Brian,

I tried logging in and out multiple times, and continued to get the error. I waited about 2 to 3 hours and checked again. And surprisingly, the error had went away. Also, I do not know if this will be beneficial, but when I was constantly working with Vendia for about two weeks, I did not have any issues as such as this. This error had occurred when I logged into Vendia after I had taken about a week or so off from working on the project and with Vendia.

I know this is limited information and may not help resolve this issue in the future. But, if I come across it again, I will definitely let you know. Thank you!

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